Visiting Dunkeswell By Air

Operational Status

The operational status of the aerodrome and its facilities can be found here. The infomation is updated throughout the day as changes occur.



Please use the Online PPR Form. If you are unable to use the online form please call 01404 891643

Air/Ground Radio

Dunkeswell Radio 123.480


Joining Instructions

Both Fixed Wing and Helicopters to join either on downwind or base leg for the runway in use. Circuit height 800ft

  • Runway 22 Left Hand Circuit

  • Runway 17 Left Hand Circuit

  • Runway 04 Right Hand Circuit

  • Runway 35 Right Hand Circuit


Parachute Activity

Parachuting normally takes place Thursdays to Sundays inclusive and Bank Holidays.

Fixed wing aircraft can continue to operate in the ATZ while parachuting is active, but must avoid the overhead and deadside.

Helicopters must not operate in the ATZ while parachuting is in progress. Please liaise with the A/G operator, who will advise you when all canopies are on the ground, before entering the ATZ and before starting rotors for departure.


Runway Information
  • Runway 22 968m x 46m (150m starter extension)

  • Runway 04 968m x 46m

  • Runway 17 963m x 46m

  • Runway 35 963m x 46m


Local Area

Gliding site 1.7nm West South West of Dunkeswell. Please avoid at all times.
If arriving from or departing to the south please contact Exeter Radar on 128.980


Airfield Opening Times

Summer 08:30 - 18:00 Local
Winter 08:30 - 17:00 Local
Outside normal operating times by arrangement.


Flight Plans

Unfortunately we are unable to activate flight plans on departure. Please call London Information after departure and they will activate your flight plan.


Further Information

Further information is available in the AIP